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The Top 8 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself Before Saying I Do!

About The Book

The intent of this book is to make aware of what you should know about each other before getting married. But more importantly, what you should know about yourself.

The author, based on her own personal experience, digs deep within herself and provides you with in depth personal experiences as to why marriages do not last due to the lack of personal growth. She focuses on key areas and provides provoking questions that challenge you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a person.

In this book, she provides you with the Top 8 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself, as a starting point for all considering marriage on how being emotionally and mentally healthy can help strengthen your relationship and give you the tools needed to help you forge a healthy and strong intimate bond with your partner.

About The Author

Ashida Onrae

As a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Ashida’s goal is to inspire others through her personal journey. Her passion for life, along with her candid humor about her own martial pitfalls, has led many to seek out her advice and insight. Sharing her own incredible story as a testimony, she speaks on how she overcame her fears, a broken heart and a failed marriage by putting her plan into action; she began the healing process and most importantly the forgiveness process.

Unfortunately, many couples enter a marriage unprepared and really haven’t take the time to consider the obstacles that may lie ahead. Getting married isn’t just about the wedding; it’s about your life together, as one, after saying. “I Do”. From her personal experiences, The Marriage Movement was born.

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