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Ashida Onrae, Founder and CEO

As the Founder and CEO of The Marriage Movement, she created the company to provide a fun and exciting place for engaged/married couples to receive a wealth of information on important topics to help improve couples relationships before and during marriage.

As a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Ashida’s goal is to inspire others through her personal journey. Her passion for life, along with her candid humor about her own marital pitfalls, has led many to seek out her advice and insight.

In 2002, when Ashida was planning her wedding, she realized that she and her fiancé didn’t have the knowledge that would provide them with the tools to handle the many obstacles that they were up against; such as dealing with finances, communication, intimacy, family, emotional health and more.  In preparation, they went to pre-marital counseling. However, it wasn’t until after her marriage failed that she realized that some of the key factors that led to her marriage ending were not taught to her in pre-marital counseling.

Sharing her own incredible story as a testimony, she speaks on how she overcame her fears, a broken heart and a failed marriage by putting her plan into action; she began the healing process and most importantly the forgiveness process.

Unfortunately, many couples enter into a marriage unprepared and really haven’t taken the time to consider the obstacles that may lie ahead. Getting married isn’t just about the wedding; it’s about your life together, as one, after saying, “I Do”.

From Ms. Onrae’s personal experiences, The Marriage Movement was born.


Melanie Rembrandt, Editor/Publicist

Melanie Rembrandt is the founder and CEO of Rembrandt Communications, LLC where she helps businesses boost sales, awareness and credibility via public relations and content marketing strategy. Known as THE Small Business PR Expert, Melanie earned this title through many years of in-the-trenches hard work, sweat and tears. She has helped small business owners, non-profits, Fortune 500s, and celebrities like Robert and Kim Kiyosaki of The Rich Dad Company, Dan Kennedy, Joe Tremaine, Samantha DeBianchi, Michael Rooney, Christy Curtis Buss, Judie Aronson, and more reach their goals. Today, Melanie is the official, PR expert for Smallbiz America, Little PINK Book and American Writers & Artists Inc, where she is on their Board of Advisors to advise and teach new copywriters. She is the author of thousands of articles and "Secrets of Becoming a Publicist," (AWAI Publishing), "Simple Publicity" (1Win Press) and "Dance Class Etiquette” (1Win Press). Melanie also hosts the SmallBiz America Radio Podcast, "Simplify Your Small Business,” and has a regular column in B2B News Network, Little PINK Book and others. To learn more, visit



Tom Bergey, President and Founder

A 20+ year veteran in marketing, advertising and design. He is responsible for all creative direction and management of many local, regional and national accounts. Tom’s strength is giving our client’s brand a visual voice that is strategically positioned in the marketplace. His creative know-how and ideas have helped many companies achieve significant results based on solid branding with memorable marketing and creative.



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